Previously Oncloud-Onew. Shawol. A+. Jinki is my king but Seungho is my prince! This is a 75% SHINee blog. I just decided to start adding my other loves (MBLAQ) to my page) so it will be about 20% MBLAQ and about 5% of whatever else catches my eye! I ship everyone with Onew but my OTP is OnHo! I tend to gif A LOT so please bare with me lol. Feel Free to send me a message if you have any questions:)

When my OTP <OnHo> dance together!

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[ Minimalist Poster ] SHINee’s Japanese Album - Downtown Baby

[ Minimalist Poster ] SHINee’s Japanese Album - Downtown Baby

So i honestly dont even know what to say about this whole Jessica situation!

But its sad to say that SM and their groups seem to be going downhill:(

And in the midst of all of this i just have one thought “Please dont let anything happen to SHINee”

"Even if it hurts, Even if you make me cry, I love you”

-SHINee (Quasimodo)

28/50 Key’s priceless expressions



you know those feels

when you’re so into something

and you just wanna talk about it all the time but everyone else around you would be like wat


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SHINee in glasses: Choi Minho

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I'm your boy tour 14 / 09 / 28

JH: the purpose of this tour was to get closer to you guys right?
Fans: Wooooooooo~
JH: Because... I'm..... Your boy ☺️☺️☺️
Fans: (scream)
MH: Because I'm~ your~ boy (imitates JH)
JH: Ohh this is embarrassing
MH: I'm.. Your...
JH: Boy. Because I'm your boy!
TM: By the way Jonghyun are you my boy too?
JH: No.
MH: he's not your boy
JH: I am everyone's boy
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Jonghyun’s twitter update 140929

@realjonghyun90: Kitty chan that I met in Harajuku….☆★ Kawaii….♥

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Height complex strikes again [©]

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When the teacher groups you up with your friends for a project