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He’s changed a lot, but in the other hand, still the same

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Key’s had at least 12 different looks this year and I’m still wearing sweats from 2006

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Key’s had at least 12 different looks this year and I’m still wearing sweats from 2006

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Best of SHINee Shooting Sketches  [part 2] [1]

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What is this I’m hearing about “Shinee’s Ultimate Group”?

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Hello! Could you possibly please explain what Onew Source is/how it works/what it means to be a member? Can't figure out what it is from the description and stuff. Do you have to have special talents or skills to be a member? I'm so confused lol

It is a collection of Onew blogs.

I guess i cant really explain it lol. Being a member just shows that you are an Onew biased blog and if people are looking for Onew blogs to follow, you would be a good chouce.

Do you get what i mean? lol

Also if you are a member you can reblog stuff onto the blog so the followers can ave a lot of updates of our lovely leader to keep them healthy.

I hope that helped. Im really a bad member because i dont really do too much lol

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140515 Joon on Vogue Girl magazine (June issue)

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Translation of SHINee's Onews note to Sewol ferry tragedy shawol:



Heard that you like SHINee’s songs.

My heart became really heavy.. How difficult it must had been.. Even though I can’t fully understand this feeling, but you’ll definitely go to a better place, where it is safe; I will be thinking like that.

Will this be able to comfort you..? It’ll be great if this (I’m guessing the signatures and this note ;_;) could comfort you.. But ended up, I felt worst, and even more sorry (towards you).

There’s a friend who really liked me alot, but had left the world due to sickness… I’d heard that even when hospitalized, she still wanted to go take pictures, hoping to see me again one more time from a distance…. but she passed away after that. I just want to say that I will remember you just like how I’d remember her.

All the people around you will pray for you and in remembrance of you. You are the pride of your parents and friends and also a precious part of me. Please be happy no matter where you are.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(He wrote it in past tense, present tense and future tense for these 3 ‘thank yous’)

I will also work hard to let everyone hear good songs!

Rest in peace.

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he’s just too much. 

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Favorite SHINee concepts (requested by a very familiar anon)

SHINee in chairs

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your friend is me, i couldn't differentiate them in the beginning as well, and guess who i like now? lee jinki.

yayyyyy good choice. All of SHINee is loveable but man Onew is just the most loved out of them all by me!

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[TWITTER] 140722 mir


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